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October 6, 2007

Trip to the past

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I’m back in England after quite an extraordinary double visit to my past.  In New York, we had a reunion of about 25 of the 64 women who entered the Maryknoll sisters when I did, and the following week, we had a family reunion celebrating my brother Bob’s 60th birthday.  We don’t routinely have family reunions to celebrate birthdays, but decided this was a chance to gather for something less traumatic than a funeral, or even wedding.

More on both of the above in days to come.  Right now I am recovering from high-powered jet lag.  Travel these days seems to be in gridlock.  The Amtrak train between the Adirondacks and New York City was an hour late.  Then the American flight between NYC and Chicago kept us on the tarmac for three hours.  The trip home from Chicago lasted a full 25 hours, culminating with an over-heated bus to Cambridge from which we were all dislodged with our multiple bags and bundles. 

I met some extraordinarily interesting people on the way, though, which helps to compensate for the ghastly cough and cold I am now trying to dispense with.

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