The Other I

September 21, 2010

The limits of being right

Yesterday, a young television journalist reported on the body of a polar bear that had been washed up on the shore of Cornwall.  It turned out to be rather embarrassing though because the polar bear was a cow.  I mean, everybody knows that polar bears live thousands of miles away from Cornwall.

On the other hand, the BBC is running a programme this evening on the tigers who are living in the Himalayas thousands of feet above the tree line.  But everybody knows tigers don’t live 13,000 feet up the Himalaya mountains.

But they do.

The problem with needing to be right – at least it was for me – was that one can’t think the unthinkable or the ridiculous.  Needing to come up with sensible right answer severely limits creativity.

So reporting on polar bears in Cornwall might be embarrassing.  But I think that reporter has potential to discover something fantastic.

Besides, it does look a little like a polar bear, doesn’t it?  Video footage of the 'polar bear' on a beach in Cornwall


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