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March 1, 2009

Joint pain might not always be incurable

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In my mid-forties, I began to notice that pain in my joints was getting worse and my joints were getting increasingly stiff and painful.  I gave up wine and most alcohol which helped to keep the problem from getting worse, but not better.  Cod liver oil, salmon oil, manganese, and B-complex supplments didn’t seem to produce seriously visible results.  I didn’t try borage oil, MSM, or flax seed or primrose oil, which are also supposed to be beneficial.

But about a year ago I read some research that suggested that joint pain could be relieved by glucosimine chontroitin, but that to be effective the daily intake needed to be about 1500/300 mg a day.  So I decided to try taking three tablets of Carlson’s Nutra Support Joint Cartilage Builder each day.

I was told not to expect to see any results in less than 12 weeks.  I didn’t, and even after three months, the results seemed modest.  But since I had purchased a mega-supply, I kept up with the regime.

After a year, I can say that the results are dramatic.  I no longer get up in the morning and hobble across to the bathroom with the hope that after a hot shower I will be able to face the day’s activities without halting pain.  In fact, I now stand straighter, and the pain in my hips and knees is gone almost completely.  

I haven’t gone back to drinking wine to which I am sure I am allergic, and I do manage a solid 30 minutes of exercise on most days.  But the real pain-relieving factor seems to be the supplements.

I’m under no illusion that it would solve joint pains for everyone.  But for general age-related arthritis-like pain, it seems worth a try.

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