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April 26, 2022


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When I started to post regularly about three months ago about my experience of being Old-Old rather than merely retired, a stage I now call Young-Old, I planned on posting weekly.

That was before I discovered that being Old-Old is the most unpredictable period of life I have ever experienced. By a long shot. Sometimes the things that happen are small inconveniences, like a blown circuit breaker or a misdialed telephone call. Sometimes they are hugely disruptive, like a bank fraud officer spending two hours making me convince him that I wasn’t a scammer trying to steal my funds. Sometimes they are delightful – a surprise visit from an old friend, or a box of chocolate silently left on the kitchen counter by someone acquainted with my love of dark chocolate.

But whatever they are, they are unexpected. I’d say something unplanned happens an average of 5 times a week. Most of my family and friends now know what I mean when I write BTU in an email or even post BTU in a text message.

I thought maybe I could add BTU to the list of common text message abbreviations. Like LMK for Let me know, or TGIF for Thank goodness it’s Friday, TBH for To be honext, o maybe even STFU Shut the ____up.

But my brother says I can’t because BTU has already been allocatede to British Thermal Units and people will think I’m talking about a measurement of heat.

Hmmmm: do you think so?

Marketing has never been in my skill set. And even if it were, I don’t think I would choose influencing text messages as a goal.

But if you are planning on growing Old-Old, I would advise you to be prepared for

the BTU!!!


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