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February 25, 2017

What has happened to my America?

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I read with horror and anguish that some mainstream, accredited news media were shut out of the White House press conference yesterday.

It is not that I have not been appalled by the Trump administration’s behavior in relation to immigration, to trade, to climate change, or Trump’s behavior toward those who disagree with him.  I have.

And it’s not that I think America has lived up to its ideals of equality and justice and democracy for all.  It emphatically hasn’t.

But I have never seen an attack on this level against freedom of speech.  It’s what dictators do – take over the press and media.

Nothing has frightened me so profoundly.

It’s not much, but I’ve just taken out a paid subscription to the New York Times, a paper which I always thought of as rather center of the road.  Hardly revolutionary.  And as British residents, we pay for our BBC license fee.  Way too truthful for Trump as well.  My appreciation for them also just went up a notch.  And of course there was no room at the news conference either for the Huffington Post or Politico or CNN.  All way way too revolutionary for the likes of Trump & Co.


  1. Terry,
    When I was a child my mother impressed on me that the worst thing one could do is tell a lie. She said you can protect yourself from a thief but from a liar there is no protection.
    I’m thinking of making a protest sign “There is no protection from a liar.”

    We have much activity throughout the country in resisting this administration.
    Groups on line have forwarded phone numbers for Congress and each member of Congress. We can pick any topic any day and make a phone call. I think many must be doing this because I keep hearing “The message box is full”.
    We must have an independent investigation of the Russian connection; we must have JDT’s taxes; we must resist the call for MORE nuclear weapons …and so much more.
    But the lies are so many and so extreme it is impossible to understand how anyone could support this administration.
    Somehow it is all about money, power, and party.
    I fear some think that America is indestructible. Or that if we could only destroy the institutions of government we could be FREE!!!
    When we drove here in ’73 moving from NYC to California, we visited Wounded Knee. There was a poster with an Indian man, “When they have destroyed everything, will they eat money?”
    How prescient!
    This cannot stand.


    Comment by Beth Bastasch — February 25, 2017 @ 6:21 pm | Reply

    • There is a protest here in aptos, of all places.

      Some right wing group is gathering at Seascape Resort to listen to a conservative Republican Representative from Fresno who is refusing to meet with his constituents …scared to death I think.

      Alas, I have the continuing virus…the cough is almost over but the sore throat into the ear continues…I’m assured it is a virus…tea, rest, etc.

      I hope the pressure continues as long as necessary. It seems they can’t really attack ACA…and I just learned that a survey showed many people didn’t know that OBAMACARE and the ACA were one and the same.

      HOLY COW!!

      I think we should have to pass a test to vote…

      three co equal branches of government

      …simple things like that.

      What is up with Americans?

      Also, DJT didn’t get even half of the votes…only 48% of those eligible voted so 52% stayed home;

      and of the 48% Hillary got more than he did, actual votes; so that means less than 24% of the country voted for him…so …does this make him illegitimate? All I know is he lies like a rug and we have to continually call him on it.

      And investigate the Russian connection; get his taxes, etc etc etc

      Oh, and here in Santa Cruz the illegal undocumented people are so fearful…people here for 20 years, who had their children here, whose kids graduated from college here, and work here…omg…big showing off hiring of 10,000 immigration workers and another 5,000 to get it legal and all the while not a single plan for immigration reform. It is cruel on top of idiotic and stupid and wrong.

      ANyhoo, enough…don’t stress…we write checks to local people helping the immigrants…legal aid, food, rent, health care, and I think some are building shelters in their garages (illegally…yikes!)

      I just write checks…big chicken that I am, thus far anyway.





      Comment by E Bastasch — February 25, 2017 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

  2. We who know better need to cling on to the courage of our convictions, and give each other encouragement and cheer.
    But I have nothing to say that will give you comfort. These are wretched times we live in. When evil comes in a totalitarian regime, like Soviet Russia, at least the common people can retain their sanity, and blame the evil man at the top. When evil comes in a democracy, we have each other – and ourselves – to blame.
    I can only say something vaguely hopeful like, this too shall pass some day, and the pendulum will swing back. But I have no way to saying how many decades it will take, how many millions will have to suffer until then and whether I will live long enough to see it get better.


    Comment by psriblog — February 26, 2017 @ 3:01 am | Reply

    • Thank you so much for your supportive comment. I totally agree: we need to give each other encouragement and cheer. I’m reaching the conclusion that there is a place to speak out, and not opt out of public discourse.

      As one of the earlier comments points out, Trump was elected by less than 24% of the electorate. So he really is a minority president. But more than 50% of the electorate didn’t vote at all. That is the real danger – that he will be able to wreck terrible damage to America & globally, and the majority will simply say they don’t trust the system.

      I know why they say that, and we must find politicians who are not as insulated from on-the-ground issues as both parties have been in the past.

      Again, many many thanks for your comment. It really does help me try to keep on doing my little bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Terry Sissons — February 26, 2017 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

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