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November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving for the simple gifts

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I don’t usually have to think about giving thanks on Thanksgiving.  The gifts that have been given to me are plentiful and unearned.

Yet today as I scanned the news, I’ve had to struggle a bit.  I won’t give you the list of worries and sources of anguish.  I’m sure you’ve got your own.

The answer has come in a Thanksgiving wish from a friend.  It is a wish of the simple gifts that come to us from those who love us and whom we love.  It comes from a hug.  It comes from gathering in the kitchen preparing the turkey and pumpkin pie.  It comes from standing around the piano and singing together.

Is there anything that can possibly take the place of being loved and loving?

I wouldn’t trade it off to keep Trump out of the White House.  Would it even be worth saving our environment if the price were sweeping the world clean of love?   Perhaps there are those who think power and righteousness would be worth giving up love.  But not for me.

I cannot but say thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for so many who still give me more love than I could possibly measure.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!


    Comment by The A-Philosopher's Chair — November 24, 2016 @ 5:38 pm | Reply

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terry. Was watching some mindless program on TV last night where this cult leader (with some bizarre brain dysfunction) was railing against pain saying he had found a place where no one would have pain, suffering, illness – this nirvana place) the doctor treating him stated she would never want to be free of pain. aghast he asked why would this be – to hold on to her pain. she replied that if she had no pain would mean that she would never have been loved and she would never trade absence of pain for absence of love giving and received. parenthetically this physician had recently been the sole survivor in a car crash that killed her husband and three children. kind of simplistic, but it set me to thinking. how lucky i am. how rich i am. had an assortment of guests today at thanksgiving dinner – all without families on this particular day – a gay couple both of whom were involved in various ways with city planning altho socialists and now both organizing after trump strategy meetings groups etc. , , one Polish national who came here 50 years ago, and voted for trump, one Jamaican (now an american citizen) who said she did not vote because she was tired of all the fuss and it did not make any difference anyway, one German (not a us citizen) who is a dress designer leading a rather bohemian life style, and asked if she could smoke reefer after dinner, one american – as she said practicing catholic, who wanted to vote for trump because pense is anti-abortion but didn’t, in the end vote for him but could not articulate why. one x-maryknoller, who spent time in tanzania before leaving and now very politically active and wanted warren to run. and one jewish new yorker, born and bred, who heads up the psychology department at a major manhattan hospital, who is also a photographer (has photos at the museum of new york city) and who didn’t care who won, as long as it was over, and news would focus on something else – like reviews of good places to eat and movies etc. and me. it was great fun getting folks to mesh, to get conversations where all could contribute where differences did not have to be disagreements. they came around 2 last four left at 10:30 i had tons of food and purchased containers so they packed up whatever leftovers they wished and took them home. wine throughout the appetizers and dinner and cordials after dessert helped oil the way. folks seemed happy carting home with them their doggy bags, with perhaps a little more acceptance of the other side thankful to be together. acceptance, while taking energy, is not half as demanding and rejection//anger/indignation. and the aftermath of being thankful is so healing, freeing, happy. lordy why and i going on like this it is midnight and i am coming down from a high. (no, my pot smoking friend when out to the back yard by herself!) anyway, happy thanksgiving!


    Comment by kateritek — November 25, 2016 @ 5:38 am | Reply

    • What an exceptional group of friends you have! I doubt many of us could gather together a Thanksgiving group with the variety of opinions you describe, and who yet leave more than 8 hours later full of good will and best wishes — and doggie bags besides!

      I dare say that the hostess must have been one of the big contributors to this bonhomme. And I don’t just mean the plentiful drinks and leftovers in the doggie bags.


      Comment by Terry Sissons — November 25, 2016 @ 10:52 am | Reply

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