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June 21, 2016

BR-Exit or BR-In?

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The day after tomorrow is the referendum in which Britons decide whether to stay or leave the EU.  I decided years ago not to make this blog into a political commentary since I would inevitably be repeating what those closer to the source would be writing.  But this week I have received a month’s worth of communications asking me what I think – should Britain stay or leave?  So for what it’s worth, here’s what I think.

Today someone sent me John Oliver’s thoughts on the question.

I wouldn’t put it quite that way, but he pretty much expresses both my own views on the subject as well as my feelings.  At the heart of the EU is a democratic deficit replaced by a bureaucratic minefield of infuriating finger-wagging.  I even have reservations about the European Court of Justice.

If I concentrate on what drives me crazy, the overwhelming temptation is to join Brexit, pick up one’s ball and say we don’t want to play anymore.
But that won’t make things better.  That’s not the solution.  It’s infuriating, but Britain is crazy to think it will be better off without Europe.  Besides, during the last century, Britain has done a great deal to make Europe far far better – politically and economically.  And if we paid a little more attention to whom we are electing when we send representative to the European Parliament, we might be able to make a dent in that gaping hole of democratic deficiency.  As it is, most British citizens have no idea who their EU representatives are and don’t care.
I do agree with those who say that this is quite possibly the most important vote every eligible voter in the UK today will make in their life time.   We must stay in and continue to fight – for our sakes, for Europe’s sake, and for the sake of the entire global economic and political world.
Don’t know what it’s going to be like when we wake up on Friday morning…
But at least there’s Andy Murray.


  1. good energy coming your way – currently, my good energy is being taxed and think i am overdrawn between trump, gun control, local police corruption, just to name a few issues, here, i am struggling to stay afloat. if the u.s. is trumped out, my hope is that the brits will not go off the deep end with us. with 85% of am. people wanting some kind of gun control and he 4 referendums for it being outvoted one wonders how long this can continue. nra pouring billions (with a b) into the pockets of senators, gun shops to vote any curtailment of selling assault weapons. i only wish all the names of the senators who voted against gun control, be posted at the time of their reelections anyway back to your post – my thoughts will be with you on friday.


    Comment by kateritek — June 22, 2016 @ 12:13 am | Reply

  2. Best of luck for Friday morning!
    The Ft had a good article this morning about how this campaign, along with the advent of Donald Trump (and I can relate it to similar trends in several other countries) is symptomatic of a deeper malaise.


    Comment by psriblog — June 23, 2016 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

    • Thank you for the best wishes! To tell you the truth, I’m not 100% sure which outcome will result in the best fortune. For one thing, there is no way this referendum is going to settle the dispute. It’s far deeper, wider, and more complex than GB’s membership in the EU, important as that is.

      I haven’t read the article in the FT you mention, but I have read an article in Truth Out by Ryan Harvey ( that your blog posts lead me to think you may appreciate. For myself, I’m going back to study it in more depth. Not being an economist, I have to work on grasping some of the ideas he explores. What, for instance, was it exactly that Paul Volcker did that so enfranchised the banks?

      Again – thank you. Terry


      Comment by theotheri — June 23, 2016 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

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