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June 26, 2015

Sinner or saint

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“The biggest deception of the past thousand years is this:

 to confuse poverty with stupidity.”  

Orhan Pamuk

Or, I would suggest, with crime.

Or race.

Or sanctity.

Poverty, however one defines it, is too complex for such simplicity.



  1. well i guess i have october’s post – have not heard from the other eye in a bit. trust is well. thank you for sharing your wonderfulness k


    Comment by kateritek — June 26, 2015 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

  2. I agree – I very much agree – but it in Scotland we have a terrible problem with the connection between poverty and illiteracy. So sad.


    Comment by sanstorm — July 1, 2015 @ 3:40 pm | Reply

    • I had no idea there was a significant problem with reading in Scotland. Would you recommend some place where I might learn more about it? is it the schools? more prevalent among boys than girls? related to school attendance? ethnicity? reflected in other basic subjects like math? Is it a greater problem in Scotland than in Northern Ireland? Wales? England? As a parent, it must be an issue of especially great concern. I’ve always felt that if one could read, then one had a ladder to climb out of many great educational deficits. But without reading…

      On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 4:40 PM, The Other I wrote:



      Comment by Terry Sissons — July 1, 2015 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

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