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April 14, 2013

Ding Dong the witch…

It is something of a shock, if not a surprise, to be living here in England listening to some of the unedited comments about Margaret Thatcher.  Hatred lives long and deep in the hearts of those who feel that she destroyed their communities, their jobs, even entire industries.  “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead” is reaching number one in the song charts, and people are drinking champagne to celebrate her death.

I personally think Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from becoming a much poorer country, but I can understand and respect those who disagree with her policies.  I can positively agree with those who feel that her methods sometimes seemed to lack compassion.

But she was a legitimate leader of the country, re-elected prime minister three times.  The lack of restraint in relation to those who disagreed with her seem to me to show a lack of respect for the very political freedoms of Great Britain and of which she is so justly proud.

Besides that, Margaret Thatcher has been out of office for 23 years.  She leaves children and grandchildren and many voters who benefited hugely from her policies.  Many of the comments are cruel, mean, coarse, arrogant, and ignorant.

Not, of course, that we ever engage in behavior distantly resembling anything like that in the United States.

We’re a gun culture after all.  Guns are much more effective than words.



  1. I agree with you, I thought maggie was a wonderful woman


    Comment by truthfullyopinionated — April 14, 2013 @ 8:55 pm | Reply

  2. I had read this several times and was about to put fingers to keyboard when I read this article. It will I hope explain why a politician who has been out of power for 30 years continues to be despised. However it could be said that she performed the last rites on the British Empire and that even now many refuse to accept we are indeed a 3rd world power and like Rome,Spain and Holland should learn to cut our cloth accordingly. I think it a well written article and gives me food for thought!


    Comment by lairdglencairn — April 18, 2013 @ 12:07 pm | Reply

    • I read the New Statesman article with interest. My own perspective is influenced not only by the fact that I am an American and have been living here in Britain for less than 20 years. But possibly more significantly, I am married to a Yorkshireman from a mining family who supported Thatcher’s policies. They were in a minority, but in other private kitchens where celebrations have not been taking place during the past week, I have heard stories of hunger and cruelty and bigotry instigated by angry unions. I don’t pretend to fully understand it, but as in America, it seems to me that neither side can throw the first stone in total innocence.

      As an American, I also worry about the future of the “American empire.” For the last six thousand years, the lives of empires have been steadily getting shorter, and I think it quite likely that America’s hegemony will not be as long-lived as Britain’s. And I dread to think the lack of restraint with which our government may face such a truth. Our wars in the last 50 years do not give me comfort.

      And yet – and yet – and yet — although there is a viciousness and cruel streak in each of our countries, there are also streams of generosity and creativity and selflessness. Perhaps it will save us – maybe you or I will not see it. But just maybe…

      And despite the New Statesman article, I would still be interested if you did “put your fingers to the keyboard.”

      Thank you.


      Comment by Terry Sissons — April 18, 2013 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

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