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July 29, 2012

Our devastating hypocrisy

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I’m not sure if the war in Syria is getting the press coverage it gets here on a daily basis- well at least until it was pushed off the front pages by the Olympics.

But it’s a worrisome war if only because of the volatility of the entire region and its global implications.

This morning I read one of the most devastating critiques of what is happening there by Robert Fisk who lives in the middle east and whose analysis I have come to trust.  He points out that we in the West are happy to support Qatar and Saudia Arabia who are arming the rebels on the grounds that they are fighting for democracy.

Qatar and Saudia Arabia are supporting a fight for democracy?  These are two governments based on inherited powers just like Bashir’s in Syria.  They are dictatorships who do not even let women drive cars, let along vote.  15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudia Arabia.

And we in America had no problems with the hell-holes of Syrian torture chambers when they served our purposes.  The Bush administration regularly sent Muslims there for interrogation, guided by questions provided by the CIA.

What America is really concerned about, and the real reason they are supporting the Syrian rebels is because Iran is supporting Bashir.  We are really concerned not about freedom, or about the 20,000 civilians already killed in Syria.  But about Iran’s nuclear weapons.

But we aren’t saying so.  Just as we didn’t say oil was the real reason for invading Iraq.  Fighting for democracy sounds so much better.

If you can bear it, it’s worth reading the full article in the Independent.


  1. I also like Robert Fisk’s work. And, don’t forget Hezbollah. They may get support from Iran, but they also have had a safe haven in Syria. Their defiance of Israel and limited success in repelling the Israelis from Lebanon in 2006 plays a roll in hypocritical US policy in the current conflict in Syria. Don’t you think?


    Comment by pianomusicman — July 31, 2012 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

    • I didn’t know Fisk got a reading in the U.S. but if I were to guess who was reading it, you’d be in the top ten of my list. I’m sure – like the rest of us humans – he’s not right about everything, but again and again I find a penetrating directness in his analysis that seems to get to the core of the issues without all the distracting and distorting stuff usually presented for public consumption.

      Yes, I agree about Hezbollah. If we are going to have a good war, though, we need to paint everything in black and white, don’t we, without any shades of grey.



      Comment by Terry Sissons — July 31, 2012 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

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