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October 28, 2011

A new title from Down Under

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Queen Elizabeth II attends a state reception at government house in Perth, Australia on Thursday. The 16 States of Commonwealth Realms have agreed to alter the monarch rules. Photo: AP

The Queen is in Australia right now, and has just presided over an agreement that in the future, the oldest child of the reigning monarch will be the first in line for the throne.  In other words, will be king or queen.

And that’s what’s new.  From now on, if the eldest child of the monarch is a girl, she will be the next in line.  If she has a younger brother, he will not displace her, which has been the case for as long as there has been a King of England.

Another change which is perhaps just as momentous but is being reported as secondary, from now on the monarch can marry a Catholic.  Ever since Henry VIII broke with Rome, monarchs have been forbidden to marry a Catholic.  They could marry a Muslim or Jew, a Hindu, or Baptist, but not a Roman Catholic.  It’s a law that has increasingly felt outdated.

But there is another new title which has emerged from Australia.

At the moment, the Prime Minister of Australia is a woman.  Her partner is known as — get ready for this — The First Bloke.  He is also not the Prime Minister’s husband, which seems unremarkable to most Australians.

Tim Mathieson

He’s also a hairdresser when he’s not accompanying the Prime Minister.



  1. Am very pleased with the Queen for sorting out the succession inequalities.
    I think the Australian PM looks very like Jodie Forster.


    Comment by sanstorm — October 28, 2011 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

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