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September 3, 2011

For $50,000, could I…?

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I read today that the Catholic clergy are effectively forbidden under pain of excommunication to discuss the ordination of women.

And then I watched the evening news that documents have been discovered in the security building in Tripoli that the CIA sent terrorist suspects on secret flights to Tripoli to be interrogated, most certainly with the knowledge that they would be tortured.

My overwhelming feeling is one of sadness.  Not anger, really, or frustration, or guilt.  Something more like grieving.  The way one feels when a loved one dies.

And I realize that however much I am at odds with the institution that calls itself the Catholic Church, and however much I am aghast at so much of political life in this last decade in America, these are my communities.  I grew up in the Catholic Church.  I grew up in America.  I grew up admiring the principles of love and freedom and respect on which I thought they were built.

They are the people to whom I belong.  And I grieve when I realize how far we walk from the ideal, how human we all are.

But in the hope department, there is a wonderful story this week about twin who made a hockey shot that should have won him $50,000.  Except that the twin who actually had the ticket was ill, so it was his look-alike who made the winning shot.

The father talked it over with them, and they have forfeited the prize rather than tell a lie.

I have the terrible feeling that I might have managed to rationalize that it wasn’t really lying.  A fact that it might behoove me to remember when I’m tempted to walk around feeling morally superior to the ordinary man in the street.  Maybe not so ordinary after all


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