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July 29, 2011

Looking for the sunny side

Figures have just been released today showing the U.S. economy has been in far worse shape since 2007 that anybody had realized.  And a substantial part of the problem has been created by government cuts in spending.

Obviously, this is not the time to cut that spending further.  Yes, we need a credible plan to reduce our budget deficit in the mid- and long-term.  But to begin it on August 1st is sheer lunacy.

Unfortunately, along with the figures showing that the hole we are in is much deeper than we thought, the news also reported that the Tea Party representatives in Congress scuppered even Boehner’s plan to cut spending because it doesn’t cut enough.  (Not that Boehner’s plan wasn’t diabolical;  but he wanted to get it past the House of Representatives in order to force the Democrats in the Senate to veto it, and so take the blame for a default.)

The Tea Party may not understand economics, which may be forgivable.  But it is not forgivable that they do not understand democracy.  To refuse to compromise, to insist on their minority opinion and to bring the country and the global economy to the brink of the catastrophe on which we are now standing is unconscionable bigotry.

The Tea Party is refusing to fund programs which have already been passed by Congress and on which millions of people depend. Anyone receiving social security due at the beginning of the month cannot feel secure that their check won’t bounce next week.

Black And White Cats  Fearing that America really might default on Tuesday, I have been trying to find a sunny side.  Okay, so we are plunged into a Japanese style recession in which economic growth stalls for more than a decade.  We know what happened in the 1930’s.  It took a war to get the global economy moving again.

No no no, this is not the sunny side.

I have to think about this some more.  I definitely am still on the wrong side of the sunny street.


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