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July 6, 2011

I used to call it religious

Filed under: Just Stuff,Psychology, Philosophy & Personal Nonsense — theotheri @ 8:25 pm

I seem to get most of what I would call my insights when I am on an endorphin high, usually induced by a combination of moderately strenuous exercise accompanied by music.

If these “insights” are philosophical, they often feel like a religious experience.  In my youth when I believed in divine revelation, that is unambiguously the way I interpreted them.  They were “truths” revealed to me by God, and I gave them the unquestioned absoluteness of divine truth and command.

Today I often still give these kinds of insights and convictions validity.  Many of them are strong enough to be pillars around which I direct my life.

But although they feel like quasi-religious revelations, I no longer think of them as being divine revelations from a God sent from a supernatural world of absolute goodness and truth.

That means I believe they need to be critically examined by me, not accepted without question.

But if not from God, then where do these insights, these convictions, these values which are sometimes so powerful, come?

Well, my best guess (and it is a guess) is that they come from the fundamental nature of being.    Saying that, of course, in some ways is to say very little.  There are those philosophers and poets and even scientists who can elaborate on this in a way I can’t.

For now I think in all candor I must admit I’m almost in over my head.

Maybe I’d better turn on the music and do a little bit more moderately strenuous exercise.


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