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June 27, 2011

Running hot and cold

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I’ve always said I’d rather be hot than cold, and one of the (few) delights I found living in Spain was the deliriously and reliably hot summers.  I don’t like being too hot unless I’m about to jump into the pool, but being cold sends me into a tailspin of depression like nothing else.

Living here in England, I’ve never cared whether I look like an idiot in my parka and hat when some people are jogging along the sidewalk in shorts.  I sleep with two blankets on my side of the bed even in July, and I take out my short sleeve shirts for about ten days of the year.

So you think I’ve be delighted with our current weather.  The heat wave for the last three days has been close to 90 degrees.  Our conservatory, even with the windows open and the fan on has climbed to 110 degrees, and the coolest room in the house is 80.          

I never thought I’d say this.  But the heat is forecast to break by tomorrow and I can’t wait.

I’ve begun to greet heat waves like I greet the first snow of winter.  It’s wonderful for the first two hours.  It’s even lovely for the first 24.  But by the end of day two, I’m desperate for it to disappear and not to come back until next year for another short – very short – visit.

However, life being what it is, I think my best alternative might be to adjust by lazing around with cold drinks and a good book.  Or buy an air conditioner, I suppose.  But it doesn’t seem worth it for two days out of the year, does it?


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  1. I know. (Not that it is hot here! I was out at a park all day. It was freezing – but I still managed to get sunburnt!)
    The Scottish summer is ridiculous. For any day out I need to take wellies, sandals, trainers and hiking boots – just in case. I just object to the cost of children’s footwear in this respect. So my children are often wearing the WRONG thing for the weather.
    So, no, it isn’t worth being prepared for a long spell of extreme weather.
    Unless it happens.


    Comment by sanstorm — June 27, 2011 @ 9:50 pm | Reply

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