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June 18, 2011

Are we going to hell in a hand basket?

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One of the temptations that seems to come with getting older is the tendency to romanticize the past and criticize the present.  Not everybody, of course, does this, and not everybody who does do it is particularly old.  But I have had several conversations with my elderly compatriots lately in which they have expressed the view that people are more selfish than they were in the “old days.”

I always find myself responding with something between irritation and outrage to these complaints about the world today.  First, because it is not a view I necessarily share.  But secondly because it is a completely unverifiable accusation.  News stories, admittedly, more often feature the negative side of the human condition.  But news stories are hardly a random sample.  Bad news sells a lot more stories than good news.

The effects of the royal wedding have perhaps begun to wear off.  But I found the following video provided a jolt for a feel-good-experience.  Kindness still runs deep.

Sophia, a twenty-seven-year-old Bornean orangutan, holds her newborn in her enclosure at Brookfield Zoo October 23, 2008 in Brookfield, Illinois. The female infant, which was born October 6, is one of only two orangutan births expected in North American zoos this year. There are an estimated 61,000 orangutans remaining in the wild, a 50 percent decline since 1990.


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