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April 26, 2011

Some things that won’t change

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The Times here on Saturday did a full-page feature on ten things that they predict will shape the near future.  By near future, they are talking about this century, but some of them are predicted for the next twenty.  These near events include internet contact lenses – LED arrays that will enable people wearing them simply to blink to access the internet, a computer-supported kind of telepathy, and an unlimited capacity to grow spare organs and body parts as needed.

With 50-60 years they are predicting that extinct animals will have been brought back to life — maybe even Neanderthal man – aging will have been dramatically slowed done.

By 2100,  cancer will no longer be life threatening, people will be building star ships and space elevators, and  robotic machines will have merged with some forms of life.

My first thought was that I’m not all that sorry that I won’t be around to live in this brave new world.

My second though was that some things never change.  If we are still thinking beings in a century, we will still be wondering about the meaning of life,  the nature of the universe, and whether there is any way to beat death rather than simply delay it until we are a thousand years old or so.

Which, by the way, doesn’t sound all that enviable to me.


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