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February 11, 2011

Yes we can too

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It was about four o’clock this afternoon when news began to come over the internet that Mubarak has resigned.  I turned on my CD of Beethoven’s 7th symphony and played the last two movements three times.  I skipped the movements called “Poco” since slow in no way matches my mood.  “Presto” and “Allegro con brio” are how I’m feeling.  In theory I was also exercising but I somehow kept dancing.

One of the protestors in Tahrir Square was carrying a banner say “Yes we can too!”  I know why I feel the same elation I felt when Obama was elected.

And yes, I know.  The military has taken over, and they are not natural democrats.  Will they keep their promise and hold free and fair elections?  If they do, will an extreme Islamist party get in to suppress the people with every bit as much ferocity as Mubarak?

And what is going to happen to all the other countries in the Middle East currently being ruled by dictators?  Syria and Jordan and Libya and Saudi Arabia.  What will the implications be for Israel’s security, and for freedom for the Palestinians?  How will the United States respond if our oil supplies are threatened?  I suspect the repercussions will be global, and there are those who point out that it could still all end in tears.

I don’t know what will happen.   I know the road ahead for Egypt and for the Middle East is not strewn with roses.  No human community has ever succeeded in creating an unremitting shangri la.

But tonight I am dancing with the people in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, and in all of Egypt.

They are exultant and my admiration for them is great.

I cannot imagine people protesting unarmed for 18 days non-stop in either the United States or Britain without protestors breaking out in violence against the tear bombs and water cannon and gun shots that killed as many as 300 of them.

So tonight I am dancing with the people in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, and in all of Egypt.

Tomorrow will be time enough for tomorrow’s tears.


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