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February 6, 2011

How is the U.S. news media reporting it?

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Yesterday’s news included the report that former President George W Bush has withdrawn from a planned trip to Geneva, Switzerland where he was scheduled to speak at an appeal for a Jewish charity.

Bush cancelled the trip rather than face the the possibility he would be arrested on terrorism charges.

Human rights groups filed a complaint in a Geneva court alleging that Bush authorized tortures such as water boarding forbidden by the Geneva Treaty under the name of “enhanced interrogation techniques” against suspected militants held at Guantanamo Bay.  Swiss government officials could have been required under law to open a criminal investigation against him.

I’ve been trying to find out how this news was treated by the news media in the States, but so far have not been in contact with any family or friends who have heard about Bush’s change of plans.

I did see on Google that it has been written up in an article by the Huffington Press.  I don’t know what to make of the fact that when I try to log onto the page to read the article, I get an error message saying the article cannot be displayed.


  1. Just read the the article in the Huffington press. Must be the reason they where all at the super bowl in Dallas.


    Comment by djc1 — February 7, 2011 @ 3:54 am | Reply

    • Yes, thank you for letting me know. I can get it now too. Of course, it must have been the super bowl – are surprise in itself if the press here is to be believed. I aAlso see that Huffington is being sold to AOL. I wonder if it will be able to maintain its current perspective. It certainly seems a marriage of opposites.


      Comment by theotheri — February 7, 2011 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  2. i am so proud of my american heritage right now, with a star superbowl quarterback who should be in jail for rape/assault, paying off troopers to look the other way as he has his way with young women, swayed by the aura of money/power, drugged, drunk. commercials costing in the millions for 30 second blurbs hailed as an american pastime – on the internet to be viewed – millions and millions – and yesterday along with the superbrawl is the 100th birthday of reagan hailed as the negotiator, no mention anywhere about the 2000,00 dead in central american with his contra “wars” 3000 die on 9/11 and we turn the world upside down and the 200,000? they are central american and count nothing, bloody nothing. and there sat bush at the superbrawl in his private box with his secret service awe inspiring. and the outcry of the day that some bleached blonde pop star forgot the words to the star spangled banner. alas, she is not the only one. meanwhile egypt is in the fight for its life, i am happy we are involved in chasing a piece of pigskin around a superdome and pray we (and israel) keep our fingers out of their struggle. when obama was elected, i thought we had a chance and then who does he appoint as his FIRST appointee – a son of an israeli gun runner – pro war, anti palestine. i think i better stop the ranting, think i am foaming at the mouth. k


    Comment by kateritek — February 8, 2011 @ 1:23 am | Reply

    • Oh k, yes, I know what you are saying. I go through the same spluttering temper tantrums.

      I’m not sure though. A little voice in the back of my head – or perhaps heart? – has lately been quietly demurring. Not that it’s saying everything is bloody wonderful. It is so obviously not. But I’m wondering whether this frustrated anger I feel almost every time I turn on the news is a mature or helpful response on my part. Not that I have a clue about what might be a more mature response. I’m sure it is not to bury my head and say there’s nothing I can do about most of the things I rail about, so I might as well stop caring.

      But somehow I think there is another level beyond the “wisdom” I have achieved thus far that would be a better response to this incredible gift of life that we have been given.

      Any hints would be seriously considered.

      Unless they come from a religious source. That doesn’t work for me, though I appreciate that it does sometimes for others.

      Oh dear, I bet you didn’t expect me to give you my latest philosophical treatise. I do think, as you know, that in many ways our thoughts and lives are running in parallel.


      Comment by theotheri — February 8, 2011 @ 3:32 pm | Reply

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