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January 24, 2011

Walking tall

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Most of us women have discovered that standing up straight instead of slouching can take ten pounds off one’s appearance.  Those of us who are old enough have also discovered that it can take ten years off one’s appearance as well.

Research has long demonstrated that taller people get an initial respect slouchers often have to earn.  Now research suggests another reason.  It makes people feel more confident, more in charge, more apt to take the initiative rather than waiting for someone else to step in.

Having read this article, I tried out a little mini-experiment on myself.  I have a weak back, and like many of my relatives, I tend to walk slightly bent forwards.  So I tried walking around for ten minutes consciously making sure I was standing up straight.

The effect, I must say, was quite surprising.   I felt the self-assurance I felt when I was 20 years younger.

The most surprising thing was that I felt like one of those older women whom I see occasionally who give the impression that there is nothing old fogey about them.  They are often kind and thoughtful, but they don’t walk around with a look that’s vaguely apologetic for no longer having a full grasp.  They don’t act as if they no longer are sure of themselves.

It was a great feeling, I’d recommend it to anyone over the age of 60.  It’s a great way to feel confidant about all that wisdom one has spent years accumulating.

I’m definitely going to incorporate it into my daily presentation of self to myself.

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