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January 15, 2011

I wish Palin was the problem

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I was simply dumbfounded to learn last night that an average of 30,000 people are killed by guns every year in America.  This includes murders and suicides, but also accidents, often killing our children.

To put the same appalling statistic in another way, more Americans in the US were killed by guns between 1979 and 1997 than have died in all of our foreign wars since independence.  So this doesn’t include the Revolutionary  or Civil Wars, but it does include the First and Second World wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars.

I have thought for a long time that America was a much more violent country than many of us think of ourselves.  But frankly, I am gobsmacked at this number.

I’m not hopeful we’ll do anything about it.  Too many people think the answer is to get more guns into more places – like schools and churches.  There are already as many guns in America as there are American citizens, and the hope that bringing guns into the classroom and churches will reduce the problem seems ill-founded.

I’ve never been in favour of banning private ownership of guns.  I don’t trust governments enough to make them and criminals the only people who can shoot.   In any case, Americans are not going to give up the historic right to bear arms.

But surely we need some laws constraining who may legally own a gun, where and how they may use it, and putting some limitations on the kind of weapon just anybody can own.

Do we really need to legalize the use of automatic assault weapons by certifiably insane individuals?

I really don’t think it is too hysterical to suggest that we don’t.


  1. Why should anyone need a magazine clip that can fire 30 bullets from a hand gun? There would be more deaths related to guns, but medicine has saved a lot of victims from dying. It seems we’ve lost our common sense and accountability.
    President Obama’s speech at the memorial was very touching. For a few days we came together but it won’t last.


    Comment by djc1 — January 15, 2011 @ 4:17 pm | Reply

    • Donna – Thank you. We are on the same page. What I find scary is that apparently rational people argue that they do need a hand gun that can fire 30 bullets per clip in order to protect *themselves*. They argue that more guns are the only way for us to protect ourselves from other people who have guns and knives. I don’t think humanity has any precedent quite like it. But I fear the long-term consequences of attitudes like these.

      I’m beginning to understand that small minority of thinkers who are suggesting that we need to re-write our constitution.


      Comment by theotheri — January 16, 2011 @ 5:25 pm | Reply

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