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November 19, 2010

Who is Lucy

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When they were old enough to be disrespectful, some of my younger sibs started occasionally to call me Lucy.

Today one of my brothers, who here shall be known only as Linus, asked me if I knew which Lucy was my namesake.  He pointed out three possibilities:

  • Lucy, formally known as Australopithiecus afarensis, who walked on two feet in Ethiopia three and a half million years ago
  • Lucy, the one with diamonds in the soles in her feet made famous by the Beetles’ song
  • Lucy, the  older sister of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts family;  I myself would not want to describe her as crabby, but she is, as you may recall, always right.

Well, I’m not Lucy afraensis, having no pretense whatsoever to being any kind of earth mother

My head may sometimes be in the clouds, but I’m far too clod-footed to be Lucy with diamonds in my shoes

So I guess I’m Lucy the Latter.  Or maybe Lucy the Lesser.

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