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November 10, 2010

The incomparable beauty of what is

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This is a fractal.  It represents a mathematical formula of things that in the first nature look disordered and imperfect.  They describe reality as it is rather than describing it as a failure of perfection which traditional geometric shapes have traditionally done.

One of the earliest fractals was modelled on electrical noise which, it turns out, is not the random, annoying mess it so often sounds.  Fractals have given order to everything from clouds to sea shores, the growth of organisms and  the way milk spills on the floor.  The father of fractal geometry, Benoit Mandelbrot, always thought they could be used to make sense of the apparently irrational moves of financial markets.

I think they are just beautiful.  It’s not something I would have understood before I realized that looking at what exists in incomparable.  I missed so much when I  thought it was more important to look for “the essence” of things.

They are one of the things I think about when I contemplate what an incredible, marvellous, simply breathtakingly awesome this universe is.

For a whole gallery of mechanical, , see Jock Cooper’s website.


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