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October 24, 2010

Osteoporosis update

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Five years ago, a bone density test showed that my bones had thinned rather alarmingly in the last five years.  The doctor recommended a regime of bi-phosphonates to stop the bone loss.

As I reported on this blog, here, I did some extensive research and decided  the data suggested that bi-phosphonates might lead to better bone-density test results but that it did not reduce fractures, which is the point of worrying about bone density.  In fact, it looked as if the treatment might even increase the brittleness of bones and therefore their tendency to break.

Despite strong medical advice to the contrary, I decided to embark on a regime of exercise, regular calcium supplements, and an effort to increase the alkaline foods in my diet.  I declined the bi-phosphonates.

In December, I am scheduled for another bone density test to find out the current state of my bones.  I’ve been wondering what I would do if they are even thinner than before.  Will I give up and start taking bi-phosphonates?

I didn’t think so, but now I know so.  The Federal Drug Administration is now recommending that a warning be attached to all bi-phosphonates stating that they might actually increase the incidence of the very problem they are supposed to be treating.  After treatment with bi-phosphonates, bones often become more dense but often more brittle.  And so break much more easily.

Fractures are often death-threatening for older people.  So playing with this possibility is not trivial.

But I’m going to stick with my current regime.  If my bones have deteriorated in the last three years, I’ll intensify it.  But I’m sticking with my original decision to avoid bi-phosphonates.


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  1. I have recently read your blog. I am very interested to see how your bone density scan went. I have been reading some info from Vivian Goldschmidt too. She now has a book out called ‘Save Our Bones’, it costs $67. Not sure I want to invest that much. I have osteoporosis too and have taken medicine but want to try something different.


    Comment by chrisincolorado — December 26, 2010 @ 12:51 am | Reply

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