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October 8, 2010

Where’s our house?

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The 200-foot blue spruce tree was cut down today.  We needed it to come down if we wanted to install solar panels, but it did feel like we were being environmentally destructive in order to be green.  But the tree was a mere six feet from our bedroom and still an adolescent as blue spruce go, so it was going to have to come down sooner or later.  It should never have been planted there.  It was a beautiful tree but I will admit that the sun shining into our garden and front rooms now is quite wonderful.

But I was standing a few minutes ago looking at the garden which has now been transformed from a shady woodsy spot to a bright sunny one and was thinking about what plants might be happy there under the new regime .

When two wood pigeons arrived, obviously looking for their home.  They held quite a conversation about it, and kept walking around as if somehow the vanished tree must be hidden under one of the bushes.  Then a much smaller sparrow arrived.  It didn’t join in the conversation but also seemed bemused.

I couldn’t stand it.

I remembered once in Dobbs Ferry, New York when a new housing development was going up next door.  The night after the bulldozers had flattened the woods in preparation for building, we caught a mother badger and two young ones crossing the road clearly looking for some place to stay the night.  The image has never left my mind.

I’m consoling myself by saying that the wood pigeons did use that tree for nesting but they weren’t living there now.

Err.  I don’t think they were, anyway.


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