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August 19, 2010

My simple mysteries

Filed under: Intriguing Science — theotheri @ 3:05 pm

The assumptions of traditional reductionism grew out of physics, and I do not accept the original version of reduction that the explanation of all things can be found in physics.

Yet modern physics has introduced me to the world that I find so magnificent.  So incredible, so awful, so absolutely marvellous.

But when I say that, it may sound as if I understand much more than I do.

I was reading an article in the New Scientist this morning theorizing about what made and continues to make the universe expand.  And I barely understood a single thing I was reading.  I could tell the sentences were in English, but it might as well have been one of those extinct languages that nobody speaks any more.  Does the answer lie in SUSY?  Can it be tested using the LHC in Geneva?  Are the gravitational waves generated by the original sparticles too small to detect with the Planck satellite?

Plain ordinary-looking men and women, probably wearing blue jeans as a disguise, debate and argue over questions like these.

I can’t imagine they are as ordinary as they look.


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