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August 16, 2010

Awesome grapes

Filed under: Just Stuff — theotheri @ 4:19 pm

File:Red exclamation mark.svgThree years ago, Neil Pasricha started a WordPress blog called  1,000 Awesome Things.  Since then he has won three Webby awards, published a book of Awesome Things, and is negotiating a TV contract.

That’s pretty impressive, so I went to his blog.  I would really be interested to know if you think it is a dull as I do.  “Awesome” are things like remembering a long-unused PIN, pulling up a weed roots and all, and sunglasses.  It seems to me to set a pretty low standard to qualify for awesome.  Now I find myself wondering how this blog could ever generate a watchable TV programme.

All of this is not to say I don’t find the world an awesome place.  I don’t think I would even find it too challenging to find awesome thing a day to blog about.

And although it would not be the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me, I would be quite chuffed if someone wanted to publish a book based on this blog.  So I must ask if I’m suffering from a case of sour grapes.  I don’t think so, but life is full of awful, if not always awesome, surprises.

But I’ve just had an idea.  What about a blog on “1000 Everyday Boring Things That Happen to Everybody”?!

I think I could be onto a winner here.

Or maybe I’d just better stop here.


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  1. dont know the word chuffed but then often i use my miriam webster 60 edition to decipher your blogs – that being said i have been cheering amid the madding crowds for you to publish this you know i have so if it is pity you want you shant get it from me. you banged one out. bang another!


    Comment by kateritek — August 16, 2010 @ 10:35 pm | Reply

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