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August 12, 2010

Prohibition Revisited

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As prohibition demonstrated, making alcohol illegal did not solve the problem of alcohol abuse.  It criminalized it and drove it underground.

We are now beginning to realize that the same thing is true for the use of drugs that are currently illegal.  California has made it legal to grow and sell marijuana for medical use.  Now the current and former presidents of Mexico are calling for the legalization of drugsin their own country.

I strongly favour the legalization of drugs.

As we have seen, making drugs illegal doesn’t stop people from using them.  It just turns them and all the distributors into criminals.

If we legalized drugs instead, we could reduce our prison population, the accompanying costs of incarcerating them, and the “criminal training” to which inmates are inevitably exposed in prison.

And drugs could be subject to tax the way alcohol is.

Perhaps most importantly, society would put the responsibility for deciding how to use drugs safely into the hands of the individual, while simultaneously reducing the appeal to the young of engaging in what they regard as behavior rebelling against the outmoded and ignorant moralizing of the older generation.

I’ve used drugs in my life.  Now I merely indulge in an occasional drink.  But that’s not because drugs are illegal.  It’s a personal decision for quite practical reasons.

I’m unlikely to use them in any case, but my vote is to legalize drugs.  I think it would make the world a safer place.

Although I do worry what enterprises the drug gangs will move into.  People smuggling makes drug smuggling look cuddly.


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