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August 9, 2010

Floods in Pakistan

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I was surprised – very surprised, actually – when an American friend told me today that the current floods in Pakistan are not front line news in the States.

No, I’m not just surprised.  I’m astonished.  16 million people are homeless and the floods are still getting worse as the water rushes down the length of the country.  The UN says that already the current  humanitarian crisis is effecting more than the combined total of those hit by the Christmas tsunami in south-east Asia, the Haiti earthquake, and the Kashmir earthquakes.

The country’s bread basket is devastated, meaning that the current immediate food crisis is going to last for years.  Thousands of villages have been destroyed and the great fear is that water-borne disease like cholera and typhoid are going to become epidemics.

Meanwhile the government can’t cope, and millions of people (can you imagine this?  millions of people) have received no help whatsoever, have had no contact with any outside agencies, for more than a week.  Roads are blocked, helicopters can’t even drop food to the stranded except when the rain stops.  The government was already under grave threat from the Taliban, who are now handing out food and medical aid to the desperate in hundreds of locations.  They say they have no political agenda.  Yes: well…

Even if the people of United States were indifferent to this kind of human suffering – and I can’t believe we are – our own security is threatened by this catastrophe.  If it brings down a weakened government, it will be replaced by the mullahs, who will then have control of the nuclear weapons which Pakistan as developed.  That’s the biggest reason we are trying so hard to prop up the current Pakistani government even while with its other hand, it is aiding the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The rains which are causing the floods in Pakistan belong to the same weather system that brought on the mud slides in China two days ago and created the heat wave in Moscow which is now responsible for doubling the death rate in the city.

Don’t you think it should be in the news big time?  It’s been the top story here in England for more than a week.


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