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April 13, 2010


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I have been trying to ignore the elephant in the corner but it’s there 24/7 and it’s difficult to keep pretending it’s not there:  Britain is in the throes of a general election which, like the Obama/McCain race, is finely balanced with clear differences between the two parties.

Gordon Brown is the current prime minister and I have developed the same sense of revulsion every time I see him open his mouth that I had in relation to George Bush.  Brown was chancellor for 10 years before he unceremoniously ousted Tony Blair and took over the country.  The chancellor basically decides the country’s entire fiscal policy – taxes and spending were all almost completely under his control for a decade.

Brown obviously didn’t cause the global recession, but he spent money like an addict for the ten years he was chancellor and increased public debt, so that Britain was not well placed to face the recession when it happened.   He was enamoured of the bankers, knighted several, and like them thought the good times were going to roll forever.

So I very much hope David Cameron and the Tories win.  Today Cameron revealed their manifesto which quoted John F Kennedy and tried to emulate Obama’s Yes We Can kind of hope.  Somehow it feels pretty dead in the water, but he would be better than Brown et al.

But there is also a serious possibility of a hung Parliament.  That means no party wins an outright majority, and the Queen then asks one party to try to form a coalition government.  If they can’t do it, the Queen then asks another party.  It tends to be an unstable arrangement and could quite conceivable lead to another election within months.

The election is May 6.  We will stay up waiting to hear the returns.  In the meantime, there is an awful lot of waffle, trying to pretend that it won’t cost anybody anything really demanding to pay down the deficit, and trying to pretend that the country can still afford a government that can give hand-outs as if we’d just won a lottery.  Instead of losing it.

All this agro, and I don’t even have a vote.


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