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April 12, 2010

Please go home now

Filed under: Two Kuvasz Dogs: Suli and Dugo — theotheri @ 9:00 pm

For reasons you can no doubt approximate, I was remembering the day in Spain when our neighbour KS came to visit.  Peter and I sat on the porch with Dugo our Kuvasz dog  talking with her as the day seeped away and as dusk set, dinner time crept by unacknowledged.

That was when Dugo stood up, shook himself vigorously,  walked over to the gate leading out of our property and stood looking at K.  The message was not received by the intended recipient.  So Dugo returned to the porch, went up to K, and then returned to the gate.   Still no response.

Dugo’s next strategy was to insist that we open the door from the porch to let him into the house.  Which we did.  K remained unmoved.  Within five minutes Dugo began to scratch at the door to be allowed back onto the porch.  Clearly K still had not got the message.  Peter opened the door and Dugo returned.

Since the subtle message clearly wasn’t working, Dugo walked up to K, and simply began to bark in her face.

That, at least, allowed Peter to stand up saying “ah, it’s his dinner time.”

That, at last, suggested to K that perhaps the visit had been of sufficient duration.

Dugo escorted her to the property gate.


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