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April 5, 2010

The independent life of meerkats

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I consider TV ads an opportunity to get a cup of coffee, fix lunch, use the bathroom, or accomplish any other 3-minute job that suggests itself.  But about once a decade, the advertising world produces something that develops a life of its own, romping on independently of the product it is supposed to sell.

Instead of dashing into the kitchen during the television ads,  I am now watching the meerkats.

The meerkats’ job is ostensibly to sell car insurance through an online comparison site called Compare the Market.

The Meerkats, however, have generated an industry of their own.  One can buy stuffed meerkats to join the bedroom menagerie of bears, lions, and ducks and meerkat  gnomes are available to decorate the garden.

If you are looking for a little light relief in the midst of the drudgery and traumas of life, check out the Meerkat’s website, Compare The Meerkat.

Meerkats, by the way, in case your childhood pets were limited to dogs, goldfish, guinea pigs, and the occasional sassy parrot,  are real.

Though they have perhaps exaggerated their accomplishments just a little.

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