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March 24, 2010

What’s in a name?

Some time ago I decided that I simply had to stop using the word “god” to describe whatever it was that I experience in the universe that is beyond anything which I can describe ( March 30, 2009 post: My problem with the g-word).  Whatever it is that I “believe in” is not the super-father figure that most people think of when they use the world “God.”  It is something totally rooted in the natural universe, something which I feel I glimpse more through science and music than in any other experience I can think of.

Having  pretty much taken myself out of the category of “believers,”  however,  I have always resisted calling myself an “atheist” because that sounded too much to me like proclaiming with the same certainty as believers about something I do not think we can ever fully comprehend on a rational level.

Now I am thinking that in many cases terms like atheist or agnostic are just as misleading and meaningless.  What atheists typically don’t believe in or that agnostics are unsure about is usually the same “god” that I too have rejected.

Some of the discussions on this very blog, along with posts and discussions on three of my other favourite blogs* on the surface look as if we fit into quite different categories in terms of belief.

But I don’t think any more that is really a fundamental distinction among us.  We all come from different backgrounds, different experiences, but we are all trying to make sense of how we make sense of what we all doing on this planet.

*Thinking Makes It So, The World According to Graham, and Tony Eguale’s blog.


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