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February 23, 2010

Utopia for all

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I was thinking today of my youthful ambition to transform the world in my likeness.  I am profoundly grateful that the vision collapsed in nine years.

With the best will in the world, I entered Maryknoll to make the world a better place.  But the problem wasn’t that I hadn’t any idea what a better world should be like.  The problem was that I did.  Like so many other men and women – some egomaniacs, some truly loving selfless and dedicated men and women – I was convinced that I knew what better was.

As we trawl our way through this second millenium of the common era, we have the ruins of hundreds of utopias to study.  Yet the dream doesn’t die.  With globalization, we are reducing our diversity, our cultural differences, our various ways of making our institutions from families to economies to governments, work.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely awful if we managed to make every society in the world in our image?

Wouldn’t the loss be beyond measure?

And wouldn’t it be boring!

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