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January 28, 2010

48 hours

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When my husband and I gave up our university jobs and moved to Spain in 1986, we were told it would take 17 days to get a telephone.  We thought that was a rather long time, but decided we could survive the wait.

In fact, it took four years and $4,000.  Even then we didn’t get a land line phone but were able to buy a mobile phone at an exorbitant price.  Not that it was a mobile phone anyone would recognize today.  It was about the size and weight of a medium-size brick, and was mobile only insofar as it had to be positioned to access a satellite signal because there were still no telephone lines for miles around.

Two days ago, a telephone engineer switched the cables controlling our home telephone and internet service in a central control box several blocks away.  By unhappy chance, our mobile phone also stopped working, apparently blown out by an electrical surge through the charger.

For 48 hours we have been in the middle of England in a communications black-out.  48 hours was bad enough.  How we ever survived four years in Spain like this is more than I can fathom.  I do recall feeling then as if I might, quite seriously, go mad.

But 48 hours hasn’t been all bad.  These two days has made me aware of just how much time and energy I spend on email, reading papers and books online, posting this blog, and keeping abreast of current affairs.

I found myself almost without thought crafting a schedule for myself not too dissimilar from the one I lived as a Maryknoll nun.  I divided the day into segments with various tasks given only an allotted time.  I am amazed to discover how productive I have been.  I’ve been much more focused and wasted a lot less time on trivia.

I am now, however, dead tired.

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