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August 4, 2009

A Yes-We-Can Car

Filed under: Environmental Issues — theotheri @ 4:03 pm

The person who told me about rain chains has just sent me the specs on a car which is going on the market in Singapore for the equivalent of $600.

It’s a VW single-seater and gets 258 miles to the gallon.  It will travel more than 400 miles on the 1.7 gallons that will fill the tank, and get up to speeds of 74 mph.

Just imagine what it would do for global warming if every car journey involving a single person took place in a car like this!

I guess it’s still a hassle to import to the U.S.  The parent company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, though, so perhaps we will get them on the market here in Europe in the near future.

Maybe an American car company could begin to think the unthinkable and produce something like this of its own.  I would think it would out-compete any electric or hybrid car that is coming on stream any time soon.  And for $600!  You could triple the price, add some more safety features, and it would still be the bargain of a lifetime.

We could give it a special lane on the road.  Just like bikes.


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