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July 15, 2009

The devil’s choice

Filed under: Political thoughts — theotheri @ 8:08 pm

I read a political analysis yesterday saying that if Obama wants to get his health insurance and the next economic stimulus as well as climate control legislation through Congress, he cannot afford to alienate Republicans in the Senate by subjecting the Bush administration to charges related to torture and similar constitutional questions.

My first thought was that this is the kind of dilemma which illustrates why I’m glad I’m not a politician.

But in a democracy, its not quite that easy to walk away from responsibility.

Because members of Congress who don’t want an investigation into dubious practices by the last administration are elected by the people.  It’s we the people who send a message to our representatives that we will – or won’t – support them.

So what is my choice?

If the choice really is between Obama’s program and bringing the Bush gang to book, then I think a greater good will be served by getting Obama’s legislation through Congress.

But oh boy, I won’t like it.  In fact, it makes me feel quite queasy.

But then, so do 40 million Americans without health insurance.

And so does the spectre of global warming and devastating effects that I think will come with it.

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