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June 16, 2009

The beleagured working class

Filed under: Survival Strategies — theotheri @ 2:59 pm

The parking lot attendant at Bristol Zoo didn’t show up for work recently, so eventually, the zoo management called the local council and asked for a replacement.

After a certain number of tense exchanges, it emerged that neither the zoo nor the local council had hired the attendant, and had never paid him.  But neither had they ever collected any of the money that had been paid by cars and buses using the parking lot for the last 25 years.

The estimate is that something like $7.6 million dollars is funding the retirement of a nameless parking lot attendant now living comfortably somewhere in Spain.

My first thought was that perhaps I should have become a parking lot attendant instead of a cognitive psychologist.  Then I remembered the bankers.  They made that kind of money in a week.  Only the working classes have to slog away for 25 years before they can retire in luxury.

Whoops! Snopes says this story is two years old and an urban myth.  Well, it’s a nice urban myth anyway.  If I sort of stretch my moral problems with stealing things.

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