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May 11, 2009

Flushed with success

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My post yesterday was concerned with existential angst over whether I would be happier than I am now if I won the lottery jackpot.  Apart from the fact that the infinitesimal likelihood of winning a big lottery draw is made even smaller in my case since I do not buy lottery tickets, I want to restore my credentials for practicality.  Hence, the following toilet issues.

Ten days ago one of the toilets in our house would not stop running.  I understand the basic idea of how toilets work, but this one completely fluxomed me, and in the end, I stopped the constant run of water by tying up the float with an old shoe lace.  Today the plumber arrived.  Given its ten day rest, the toilet worked perfectly on the first flush.  And the second and third and fourth…

Under the circumstances I felt I should give the plumber some sense that he was needed nonetheless and I asked him if he was acquainted with the new sink/toilet arrangements where the grey water in the sink runs automatically into the toilet tank, thus saving water.

He hasn’t installed one yet.  He did say he’d read that one of England’s water companies is setting up a project to convert sewage sludge into pellet fuel power plants.  They are already using sewage gas to run 53 of their power generation units.

Apparently it’s been done before.  In the 1930’s, sewage gas powered the public transport systems in several German cities, including Munich.

Given all the ingenious ways people have thought of producing or saving energy and water, wouldn’t you think we could solve this global warming and pollution problem with a little more alacrity than we’ve show thus far?

But then, sometimes the old ways work best…

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