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April 3, 2009

Not cringing but smiling

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It hasn’t solved all the world’s problems – not even all its economic problems.  But we didn’t sit here in England watching the media coverage of the G20 cringing every time the President of the United States appeared on camera with that smug smirk that so alienated the rest of the world for the last eight years.

On the contrary, everyone one from heads of states to children in the schools wanted to see the Obamas.  

People lined the streets with the hope of getting a glimpse of Michelle.  The Queen told the Obamas to “keep in touch,” not a usual royal invitation.  She hugged Michelle, or perhaps it was the other way around.  And Silvio Berlisconi, the Italian prime minister, was caught on camera chanting “Obama!  Obama!”  Today, President Sarkozy welcomed the Obamas with a French enthusiasm possibly not seen since American troops marched into Paris in 1945.

I’m savouring the feel-good factor.  There haven’t been a lot of them around for Americans in the last decade.  For a pick-me-up, I foundMichelle Obama in action in London.  One reporter said she is going to be “the new Diana.”

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