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March 27, 2009

9/11 still resonates

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Yesterday a friend forwarded a Power Point Slide Show of recently declassified photos of 9/11.  (If I can figure out how to do it, I will post them here, but so far the task has eluded me.)

One image is of people climbing out dozens of windows in order to jump. One particularly devastating photo includes a shot of an infant being dropped out the window to what must certainly have been death just seconds later.  

The slide show begins and opens with the admonition not to forget, which somehow grates for me.  How can one forget?   Forgetting doesn’t seem to me the issue:  how to respond in the most effective, meaningful way that adds rather than detracts from the human spirit seems to be a much greater challenge than mere “not forgetting.”

By inexplicable coincidence,the friend who forwarded the slide show works on the 26th floor of a New York City building.  Yesterday, there was a loud bang, all the electricity went out, and they were told that a bomb had just exploded five floors below.  The building was evacuated by the stairwells.

The strange thing, though, is that this incident does not seem to have been anywhere in the news.  I’ve trawled Google and cannot find any reference to it either.  Perhaps it wasn’t a bomb that made the hole in the building that could be seen from outside.  There was no smoke.  Only a gaping hole.

Perhaps whatever happened really was not news-worthy.  Perhaps the explosion wasn’t a bomb but a boiler or some similar non-event.  These days I find I’m as suspicious of silence as I am of spin.  

And the secret service has offices in the building.

Addendum:  Someone just sent me thestory published in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  If it was something more than an electrical fire, it’s being well disguised.

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