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January 8, 2009

Outrage in parenthesis

Filed under: Political thoughts — theotheri @ 9:53 pm

I tend to live my life the way I write this blog.  I begin to feel burdened and inadequate if I’m uniformly serious or humorous or spend too much time looking backward, so I tend to skip around to balance things out.

People have been reminding me of Suli and Dugo stories, and I was planning on posting another Suli escapade tonight.

But after watching the news tonight, I want at least to register my revulsion at the nature of Israel’s invasion into Gaza.  I’ve had some sympathy with Israel’s position that they cannot sit back indefinitely while rockets are routinely aimed at their villages by a government next door openly committed to Israel’s annihilation.

But Israel’s behavior is barbaric.  Clearly they do not think that the failure of Rumsfeld’s “shock and awe” strategy in Iraq applies to them.   3 million civilians are locked into Gaza and are being forcibly prevented by the Israelis from escaping.  Meanwhile, they are starving, dying of thirst and many are in dire need of medical treatment.

I have little respect for Hamas.  But unless the news resports we are getting are wholly distorted, what Israel is doing is far far worse.

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