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January 3, 2009

I don’t think God is only on one side

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George Bush announced this weekend that it was Hamas who was solely responsible for the current crisis in Gaza.  From his point of view, Israel’s six days of bombing (so far), and ground incursion which started just a few hours ago and will last who knows how long, is fully justified.  Hamas, after all, has been firing missiles into Israeli villages from their bunkers in Gaza for the last four years.  Even today, they refuse to agree a cessation of missiles unless Israel stops bombing first, and continues to call for the complete annihilation of Israel as a country.

Meanwhile an estimated 5,000 people protested in front of the Israeli embassy in London today, mostly blaming Israel for the Gata crisis and demanding an immediate halt to Israeli aggression.  From their point of view, Israel’s response has been at the very least disproportionate.  In the last week, four Israelis have been killed by Hamas missiles while over 400 Palestinians – at least 100 of whom are women and children – have been killed by Israeli strikes.  The UN says that a humanitarian crisis is developing with serious shortages of drinking water, food, and medical treatment.

It’s obvious that the Israelis have the bigger guns.  But like all fights from the school playground to full scale war, the right doesn’t seem to me to be all on one side, allied in heroic sacrifice against the bad buys on the other side.

This fight is like a bitter divorce multiplied by hundreds of thousands of people.  People are so viciously angry on both sides that they’d rather bleed to death than negotiate.

We humans are seriously dangerous to our health.  I wonder if we will ever change enough to survive.

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