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August 19, 2008

Next stop Mars

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I was in one of our shopping malls yesterday morning -you know, the kind with glass ceilings and trees inside and galleries and expensive restaurants.  I was walking toward the down escalator when I saw a child with his mother at the top.  “All right,” his mother said in some exasperation.  Whereupon mother and son got onto the descending escalator, the child holding his mother’s hand on one side and gliding his hand down the side of the wall with the other.  I stood about six steps behind him, and looked at his sturdy little legs indicating a certain satisfaction.  When they reached the bottom, instead of heading for the ice cream stand, he turned his mother around and they immediately returned to the upper floor from which they had just descended.

It was an absolutely delightful vignette and I almost laughed out loud.  It was a perfect example of living in the moment.  What is an escalator for but to use?  And why should you wait until you are old and weary with boredom before using it?  Why not jump on the ride when it is still a fantastic exploration, when it is a marvellous adventure?

I’ve been thinking since how much I lose by rushing through everything, always needing to get the present task done so I can rush onto the next one.  So today I concentrated on not rushing through making the bed, and loading the dishwasher, and putting the trash out.  I tried to do what I was doing at the moment, not leaping over it all in a mad dash to leap over the next ten hurdles, and then on again for a repeat tomorrow and tomorrow, and Now never comes.

On the other hand, that little kid is going somewhere.  If I were his mother, I don’t think I’d tell him about Mars.


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