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June 29, 2008

Good news about cancer

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Even if one’s family tree is not, like mine, riddled with cancer deaths, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer are major killers in the developed world.  Several pieces of good news on this front feel particularly cheering. 

First, researchers have discovered that women whose breast cancer is discovered and treated at an early stage have the same life expectancy as women who have never had the disease at all.  I grew up believing that cancer was terminal 99.9% of the time.  The question was just how much time one had left to get one’s affairs in order.  But cancer isn’t always terminal anymore.

The second blast of good news is even more hopeful.  It looks as if a healthy lifestyle – nutrition and exercise – actually helps to turn off cancer genes in those carrying them.  So even if one has actually inherited a cancer gene, genetics is not destiny.  We ourselves can still have an impact on what happens to us.

I cannot find the article where I read this precious information but it was sometime in the last week.   I will chase it down and so anyone who wants to rknow more on this finding knows where to go.

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