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June 4, 2008

A pause for a mini-celebration

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I’m taking a pause for the concerns, joys, and distractions that fill most of my days to celebrate Obama’s victorious delegate numbers.  He is going to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

I know, I know, I know this does not mark the beginning of peace and prosperity and justice and love throughout the world.  I know the problems facing even the wisest, most effective, and fortunate world leader today are immense, some beyond solution.

But I’m thrilled.  Not as thrilled as I hope to be the morning of Friday, November 7, but it’s a big step on the way.

I do wonder what Hilary Clinton is hoping to achieve though by refusing to concede.  Is it just that she cannot face that she has failed with utter finality to reach the goal she has worked so long for?  Or is she holding out for some consolation prize?   An article in the Economist convinced me that an Obama/Clinton combo would not be a dream ticket, and might lead to a disastrously ineffective administration if they were elected.  So I hope Obama chooses a different running mate.  But that’s a worry for him and for another day.

Today is a pause for a mini-celebration.


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