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May 11, 2008

A quick PS and a small retraction

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At least half a dozen people have responded privately to my saying in a post last week that, after my visit to Maryknoll, I would never give another homily.  Consequently, I have been unable to let my comment go without re-thinking it.  First, it was perhaps a rather self-centered thing to say, based as it was on the view that people were seeing me as a source of spiritual direction as I stood up there during the liturgy.  So my horror at being perceived as a preacher (instead of a teacher) was at the very least a little Over The Top. 

And I must confess that I myself learned more about hope in the process of preparing this homily, or self-reflection.  And it seems that other people did too.  One person came close to reprimanding me for not accepting the gifts that I have and the obligation to use them. 

So I take it back.  I think it unlikely that another situation will arise in my lifetime when I will actually be asked to give a reflection during a liturgy.   But if I were, I would do my best to do so.  I think I might even look forward to the unlikely opportunity, and approach it with a little less self-importance.

In any case, the whole Maryknoll visit was a significant learning experience for me, which I enjoyed way beyond the bounds of most run-of-the-mill enjoyments.

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