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April 21, 2008

Forward to the past

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Tomorrow I am flying to the States to return to the Maryknoll Motherhouse from which I left the convent 41 years ago.  I have been back to visit friends several times since, but during this visit I am making the keynote presentation to the annual reunion to which all Maryknoll sisters, past and present, are invited.  It is also the 50th anniversary reunion of the group of women who entered Maryknoll the same year as I.  I’m presenting a brief overview of (get ready for this) the history of the universe, which was the topic of my latest book.  I’m also giving a homily about hope (as in Faith, Hope, and Charity) at the liturgy.  I feel rather honoured, to tell the truth.

If anyone had suggested 41 years ago that Maryknoll would ever have me back under circumstances like this, I would have laughed at the fantasy.  It is quite astonishing how much Maryknoll has changed.  I think the nuns are expected to behave much more like responsible adults now than as submissive servants.  So I’m immensely eager to talk both to those who have remained and the much greater number who left Maryknoll but who, like me, are returning to touch base with old friends.

This will be my last posting for 12 days or so when I return to the UK. 

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