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February 26, 2008

Some mad woman on the phone

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I have the dubious ability to hear the ring of a telephone at great distances.  I know when our neighbours’ phones are ringing, I hear them incessantly on the street, and in other people’s cars.  Today as we were arriving home from the supermarket, somebody’s phone was ringing.  I suddenly realized it was ours.

I could only think it was a call from the States and that Jack had taken a turn for the worse.  I rushed to the door with my key, and then dashed to the phone begging whoever it was at the other end not to hang up.  When I reached the phone, I picked it up and screeched “Hello!”   A small little voice at the other end said very politely “May I please speak with Phillip Schmidt?”  I took a deep breadth and tried to sound sane:  I think you must have the wrong number.

The caller apologized and hung up.  But I think she must have been relieved.  It must have sounded as if she had connected to a seriously disturbed wrong number.

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