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February 11, 2008

The little sewing machine that could

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I was remembering yesterday when I was writing my post that shortly after I’d moved into West 13th Street in the Village, Aunt Mary, my father’s second wife, gave me a portable Singer sewing machine.  It fit into a small case which I have just confirmed is a little less than a foot square and eight inches deep. 

I had learned from my mother how to sew, and worked for a year making nuns’ habits in the sewing room at Maryknoll.  Aunt Mary thought it might be useful.  

Since I first received it, it has made skirts and cloaks, tents, parkas, sleeping bags, comforters, curtains, night gowns, and slacks.  It has re-upholstered at least half a dozen chairs, twice that many pillows, fashioned covers from everything from computer screens to toilet tanks, and mended anything through which a needle could be pushed.  The sewing machine itself still sits on my sewing desk, and I’ve used it as recently as yesterday. It is now 40 years old, and must be one of the most cost-effective gifts ever bestowed on me. 

Like the little train, it is the little sewing machine that could.   And did.


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